Many indigenous cultures in and out of Africa often have rites of passage for male adolescents. While these traditions may vary from culture to culture, sacrifice, hunting, tests of bravery, strength and fortification rites are common hallmarks. One of such indigenous people who pay great attention to their rites of passage is the Fulani of West Africa. These people, while culturally dispersed and diverse, practice the Sharo Festival diligently.

Celebrated by the Fulfulde-speaking nomads in the most dramatic way, the Sharo Festival is a show of bravery and endurance by boys who are passing into manhood. The Sharo Festival is major to the Fulani, who are found along the northern parts of West African countries such as Nigeria and Senegal.

Held twice a year within Fulani settlements and majorly anticipated by participants and national and international audiences, the first of the festival is usually held during the dry season when guinea corn is being harvested; and the second during the Muslim festival of Id-el-Kabir.

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