Reconstruction in Reverse


Published on the occasion of the photography exhibition at Omenka Gallery, Lagos.

November 2010

Hardcover, 64 pages

Text: Mudi Yahaya

Publisher: Omenka Gallery and Revilo



Reconstruction in Reverse–Deconstructing the displaced and misinterpreted Nigerian identity investigates the role and impact each Nigerian has on our collective identity as a nation and how we define ourselves in an increasingly contemporary world.


Bringing together portraits of the famous, infamous and non famous, the intimacy of portraiture enables the audience to gain an increased perspective and understanding on issues relating to self-discovery and awareness. The book employs deconstruction as a strategy of critical analysis and seeks to challenge the displaced and misinterpreted Nigerian identity forced on us by addressing commonly held social stereotyping and assumptions. Published on the occasion of an exhibition at Omenka Gallery.


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