Power and Powers


Published on the occasion of the exhibition for Uche James-Iroha at Omenka Gallery, Lagos.

November 2014

Softcover, 56 pages

Text: Oliver Enwonwu

Publisher: Omenka Gallery and Revilo




Published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Omenka Gallery, Lagos, Power& Powers features the work of leading contemporary artist, Uche James-Iroha. Here, the artist interrogates Nigerian society and he calls for a self-examination, inviting his audience to an introspective of 54 years of epileptic power supply in Nigeria.


The works, 16 in all, vividly address complex problems and issues in recent Nigerian history, culture, and society. They are largely a critique of a corrupt leadership that proffers cosmetic solutions to the persistent issue of electric power supply and serve as a springboard for confronting issues that continue to face Nigerians today.


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