Nengi Omuku: A State of Mind


Published on the occasion of the exhibition for Nengi Omuku at Omenka Gallery, Lagos.

March 2015

Softcover, 58 pages

Text: Oliver Enwonwu

Publisher: Omenka Gallery and Revilo



Published on the occasion of an exhibition at Omenka Gallery, A state of Mind is emerging contemporary artist, Nengi Omuku’s first solo exhibition. Here, Omuku explores the supposition that the human figure can be transformed based on the premise that things could not only look, but also be otherwise. The release from the physical form has led her into a new territory, a moment-by-moment expression of beings that have been transformed from their present reality and reanimated through color and marks. It is her desire to convey portraits: presences floating through active spaces, presences that have the aspiration of becoming events in their own right. She also frequently explores the encounter – what happens when different forms meet. Another element of her work is the scape, in particular, the escape the bodies inhabit.


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