Evolving Through Waste


Published on the occasion of the exhibition for Raqib Bashorun at Omenka Gallery, Lagos.

May 2014

Softcover, 56 pages

Text: Kunle Filani

Publisher: Omenka Gallery and Revilo



This spectacular publication serves to raise our awareness to forms of waste whilst highlighting the relevance in recycling.  Leading contemporary artist, Raqib Bashorun’s work is a reminder of the constructivists manifesto who query the rationale for mimetic art. The constructivists hold the view that the ideal work of art should enrich the repertoire of forms so that humanity may be ennobled. This anti-mimetic advocacy, in recent times has dominated contemporary world art. Diverse positions appear to support such art as “real art” because like music such visual art resonates with rhythmic flows and pulsations that yield to multiple knowledge formations that relate to cultural experience.


No doubt Bashorun’s work endorses the manifesto of the constructivists. However, within the creative promptings of post-colonialism we encounter in his work ideological currents that point to re-modernisation. In this regards, erstwhile cultural tools that are grounded in intra-cultural interactions now assume new realities in composite connections as metaphors. This is what Bashorun refers to “Evolving through Waste.” Published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Omenka Gallery, Lagos.


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