Duke Asidere: The Artist and His Muse


Published on the occasion of the exhibition for Duke Asidere at Omenka Gallery, Lagos.

November 2014

Softcover, 56 pages

Text: Oliver Enwonwu and Dapo Adeniyi

Publisher: Omenka Gallery and Revilo



Beginning with a brief investigation of his early influences, as well as works from earlier periods including collage, the book serves to examine the unfolding and diverse nature of Asidere’s painting from abstracts, landscapes, to increasing engagement with contemporary African politics, as well a long appreciation for women, above all, his mother and chief muse. She remains the most important influence in his life; his obsession and idea of ideal beauty.


Curator, Oliver Enwonwu briefly investigates the once legendary, once sexually intimate artist/muse relationship in contemporary times with examples for Asidere’s oeuvre that not only challenge the objectification and sexual exploitation of women, but also offer entire patriarchal societies at the same time and several questions about the meaning of contemporary beauty. Published on an occasion of an exhibition at the Omenka Gallery, Lagos.


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