Following after Musings of a Pilgrim and Musings of an Ordinand, Musings of a Parson, is third in a series of ‘Musings on the Face of Christ’. A well-crafted, beautifully illustrated collection it can be used in several ways, such as: morning study topics, Bible study classes, a quick and powerful pick me up during your day or however the Holy Spirit leads.

Musings of a Parson consists of fifty-eight sermons spread across 21 categories such as Love & Marriage, Faith & Call, Spiritual Growth, Judgement & Repentance, Conduct in Life, Sacrifice & Self-Denial, Leadership, Christian Pilgrimage, Pride and Government & Society. Along with the variety of different sermon structures, there are several phrases and quotes that are at times memorable (“No one has ever become poor by giving,” 96), and humorous (“Eyin omo wobe … Wo bobo, werey lo ba de eh. To get this money, to dey balling every night and day,” 694). What’s more, Musings of a Parson is easily navigable, with accompanying bracketed comments and footnotes serving to explain why the author made certain decisions in constructing his sermon.

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