The books Musings of an Ordinand and Musings of a pilgrimage written by Professor Konyin Ajayi are riveting collections – racing after masters of long ago, bearing in mind the present, while looking at the road ahead. In part literary pieces that play on poetry, simile and metaphor, rhyme and rhythm, these books of proverbs and parables, bring vividness to their messages with pieces from master artists. They are written in language of the day, for the people of today, addressing issues of the day―in a way, that will keep the reader above the fray of foul play, with prayers that pay and songs of yesterday. This is what is in display in these books’ tray: justice, love, humility, righteousness, holiness, submission, faith, works, obedience, gentleness, contentment and perseverance. The hope is that the admonition to those in government of the State and the Church, of the home and the office, move away from injustice, wickedness, bad governance, corruption, idolatry, adultery, love of money, and those other things that tend to divide us from Christ.

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