REVILO is a leading Lagos-based visual arts/cultural communications company. A trans-disciplinary cultural platform for telling contemporary African ideas and stories, our work spans publishing, design, interactive as well as advertising. Our experienced team of specialist consultants provides local insight and global knowledge.

Our clients include international governments, corporate, luxury, cultural brands like museums, galleries, auction houses, art fairs, biennales, performing arts organisations, festivals, non-profit foundations, and corporate supporters of the arts. At Revilo, we provide bespoke solutions to each individual project. Our approach is creative, intelligent and informed; from advising on partnerships to planning events and navigating the ever-changing digital landscape.


Oliver Enwonwu is the founder and chief executive of Revilo. His expertise is built on over 11 years as
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Ladun Ogidan is the chief operating officer at Revilo and plays a key role in the day-to-day functioning
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